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Agrilux S.A.

Company Information

  • Company Name: Agrilux S.A.
  • Country: Luxembourg
  • Address: Route de Diekirch 150 7220 Walferdange
  • International Area Code: 352
  • Phone: 352
  • Fax: 352
  • Contact: Executive Board Mr Elvinger, Bernard; Purchasing Director/Manager Mr Elvinger, Bernard; Marketing Director/Manager Mr Elvinger, Bernard; Technical Director/Manager Mr Elvinger, Bernard
  • Email:
  • Product List: Repair services for industrial floor cleaning machines; Repair shops; Spare parts and accessories for agricultural machinery
  • Category Activities: Floor Cleaning Machines, Automatic Floor Cleaning Machines, Suction-Scrubbing And Cleaning Machines, Wet Scrubbers, Industrial Floor cleaning machines, single-disc polishing machines and polishing machines
  • Employees: 26 to 39
  • Type: Service provider^^Exclusive distribution/General distribution
  • Area: Diekirch

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